Looking to Sell Your House Fast in Saint Charles, MO?

Are you trying to sell your house fast in MO but feel overwhelmed by all the fees and costs you need to pay? Are you short on cash and trying to avoid commissions as much as possible? STL Sold Fast can help you sell your home in the Saint Charles area.


How STL Sold Fast will help you

STL Sold Fast is here to get rid of all those unnecessary commissions that take away from your profit. We will give you a fair offer based on your home’s location, repairs that need to be done, and the current condition of your home, avoiding troublesome commissions. Some of the costs and commissions related to a home sale/purchase without STL Sold Fast:


  • Realtors fee: They charge an average of 6% of your home price. If you have a $100,000 home, they will get $6,000 just for showing your home, which can take from 24 to 48 weeks on average. We are not realtors, we are homebuyers, and have no need to take away from the cash offer we give you.
  • Closing Costs: 2% on average is paid by you, the seller, just for closing. STL will cover these costs for you, no questions asked. 
  • Cost of Appraisal: Appraisal is a must when listing your home; however, we will give you a cash offer that you can accept, decline, or renegotiate as you chose.
  • Repair Costs: Usually repair costs are negotiated during the sale; however, we will take care of any repairs needed in your home so you can focus on getting the cash you need.

As you can see, STL Sold Fast focuses on helping you sell your home in as little as 7 business days, avoiding the costs previously mentioned as well as many other hidden costs. Become stress-free and join hundreds of other families who sold their house quickly.